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  • REAL as in real-time: signals are generated well in advance, before the indicated time or trade level. We send clear, concise and complete trading instructions. No ‘after the fact’ signals generated with 20/20 hindsight with us. Only real signals.
  • REAL as in really tradable and really traded: not only are our signals executable but they are also executed, i.e. traded. For all the trade signals sent we will provide proof of the order execution by showing actual brokerage statements documenting the real, exact trades based on the ETF signals sent out. And you will see all ETF trades, no more, no less. What we don’t show are hypothetical, back-tested, pie-in-the-sky, ‘coulda-whoulda-shoulda’ trades. Only real trades.
  • REAL as in real money: we also show the end result, the bottom-line outcome of following our ETF signals from start to finish. Our brokerage statements reveal all of our ETF activity: the good as well as the bad trades, with only one purpose: showing you the real value of Easy Trend Following (ETF) in real money terms.

Under the ‘ETF Program’ tab you can explore and analyze the results that were achieved in our brokerage account by trading the exact same ETF alerts that you receive from us: the real time signals leading to real trades and, ultimately, to real money. This is what our passion for math & markets can result in for you. No hypothetical, fictitious or paper profits. Only real money.

These clear and complete trading alerts – the ETF signals – are simple and straightforward to follow and contain all the information required to place trades and build a robust, profitable portfolio.

Most importantly: these signals tell you all you need to know to manage the trades and control the risks, from start to finish and alongside successful pro traders that execute the exact same trades based on the exact same signals.

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