Trusted by professionals throughout the financial industry, Easy Trend Following provides the definitive investment strategy to profit in today’s global financial markets. We build smart portfolios using knowledge, discipline and risk management.


As professional investment consultants with more than 25 years of investment experience we know what works in the market. But more importantly we learned first-hand what does not work in the markets. We specialize in building portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that track indexes showing the strongest, most reliable price trends in the world. We all know the virtues of indexing, we also love indexing… but only during rising markets!

Risk Management

For over two decades we have designed, tested and traded many different investment strategies. When we combine robust trend following signals with defensive portfolio construction rules and risk management tactics we can outperform index investing while at the same time provide superior loss protection. Using our investment universe of global ETFs we build safer and more profitable portfolios for both private investors and professional insiders.


As we are fully quantitative in our actions, math – not emotion – will tell us when and what to buy and sell and to allocate capital in a safe, profitable way. For the math to work and trend following to be profitable, we act solely by the system rules as we have designed, tested and traded for many years. This strong discipline is required from every investor in order to apply maths on the markets and to make money. We invite you to take a closer look at our portfolios and consider how these strategies could fit within your own investment framework. When you subscribe to our etf signals you will receive instant notification of all trend changes detected by our models.

This powerful combination of truly makes it Easy Trend Following.